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If you create dynamic web-sites based on server-side technologies, you surely know that testing is one of the most important parts of your work: what can a visitor think about a web-site with a plenty of errors?

But to run the pages of your “opera”, you must install and configure some software: tis operation can be very difficult, and if you never did it, you waste a lot of time…

Concept LivingPages can help you, bi installing on your PC a self-managing web-server… it automatically resumes itself from crashes, updates his components and allows you to work on your project saving your precious time!!!

So, what are you waiting? Download Concept LivingPages today: it’s completely free!

And if you’re not satisfied, you’ll be paid back (just joking! How can we pay back a free software? XD) and you can uninstall your software anytime!


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